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Astrobot Voice is currently available on iOS and Android.

Hold down on the Astrobot icon, or, if you're already in a conversation with Astrobot, tap the microphone to start communicating with Astrobot. Astrobot Voice doesn’t have a wake-word (a word you can say to start Astrobot Voice).

Separately, you can also use an Amazon Echo to access Astrobot--click here to learn more about our Astrobot Alexa skill.


Astrobot responds to many voice commands to help you manage your inbox. You don’t need to wait until Astrobot is done reading the message or offering a suggestion--if you tap the microphone at any time, you can give Astrobot a command. Here’s a list of commands you can say to Astrobot:

Inbox Management

“Do I have any emails?”

  • Astrobot will tell you how many unread emails you have in Priority and Other inboxes, and you can let Astrobot know if you want the emails read to you.

“Read my Priority email”, “Read my VIP emails”

  • Catch up on only your most important unread emails. 
  • Astrobot uses AI to categorize your emails into Priority Inbox, which includes emails from people you interact with frequently. By asking Astrobot to only read emails from Priority Inbox, you’ll avoid having messages like email newsletters read to you. 

“Read my starred email”, “Read my Other email”

  • You can also ask Astrobot to read just your unread starred emails, or your unread emails in Other Inbox. Other Inbox includes all of your new emails that didn’t make it into Priority Inbox.

“Mark Unread”,“Delete”, “Archive”, “Star”

  • Triage your emails by saying, “Mark Unread”, “Delete”, “Archive”, or “Star”.

“Snooze”, “Snooze until…”, “Snooze to desktop”

  • If you want to respond to an email later, if it's not important right now, or if you need to wait until you’re back at your desk to respond, Snooze an email for a specific time. Astro will put the email at the top of your inbox at the time you select. When you Snooze to Desktop, the message will appear at the top of your Inbox on the desktop app the next time you open Astro.

Account Management

“Switch Account”

  • Switch between accounts easily using this command

“Account Info”

  • If you have multiple email accounts in Astro, using this command will quickly tell you which account you’re currently using.

Reply to Emails

If you’d like to reply to an email, say “Reply”. Once Astrobot asks you how you’d like to reply, speak your reply. Astrobot will then confirm your reply--you can respond with “Yes” or “No.” 

Please note, Astrobot on iOS will let you record your reply for 30 seconds (standard practice).  Astrobot on Android doesn’t have a reply time limit as of now.


We currently only offer Astrobot in English, on devices that have English set as the default language. If you'd like to voice support for Astrobot Voice in other languages, please let us know at or on Facebook.

How does this differ from the Alexa integration?

The Astrobot Alexa Skill helps you manage your inbox with voice, and works great with your Amazon Echo devices. Use Astrobot Voice for iOS and Android when you’re in Astro’s email apps on mobile. The set of commands are similar, and both update your inbox. We recommend using our Alexa Skill and in-app voice together if you have an Echo.

Here are a few ways Astrobot Voice for iOS and Android differs from our Alexa Skill:

  • It’s available from within our apps
  • You do not need to own an Amazon Echo or have the Alexa app
  • There’s no additional setup process--Astrobot Voice is available to anyone using Astro’s email apps
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