Once you connect Slack to Astro, you can share emails and attachments from Astro's Email Apps (macOS, iOS, and Android) to Slack. 

How to Share

You'll automatically see a gray Slack hashtag icon next to the reply option in any email received to the email address you connected to Slack.

Share to Slack Menu

  • After you select the gray hashtag icon, the above menu will pop up. 
  • You can customize the message in the white box at the top. This will be shared with the email in Slack, and should be used to explain why you are sharing the email. 
  • The gray box indicates the sender of the email, and the subject line. In this case, Barney is the sender, and the subject is "What's the budget for July?"
  • Select the Team in Slack you wish to share the email too, this is pre-populated based on the Slack team you connected when you set up the integration.
  • Post to is the Slack Channel or DM you want to share the email too. This is pre-populated based on your contacts and Channels in Slack. If you'd like to share with a group of people not listed here, please create a Channel in Slack with those people first.
  • Include Attachments: If the email has attachments, and you want to share these, select this option. It's selected when the square turns purple
  • Notify Email Participants: This sends an email to everyone on the original email, to let them know the conversation has moved to Slack so they can join in. The same content in this share dialog will be included. 

Shared Emails in Slack

The email will be shared in the channel or DM you selected. Here's how it will look: Kramer shared it, the note included was "I'm sharing this for a screenshot" and the email details have a purple line next to them.

Tutorial Video


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