Need to do something quickly in Astro? There’s a keyboard shortcut for that. There’s even a keyboard shortcut to see all of the keyboard shortcuts—just type "?" while in the app. You can also go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are only available for Mac and iPad.

MacOS Shortcuts


/ to Search
⌘ + / to jump to folder
+ 0 to switch to "All Accounts"
+ 1-9 to switch to account 1-9
⇧⌘A to show/hide Astro
⌥⌘N to open a new viewer window
⇧⌘I to switch to Inbox


J to go to the next conversation
K to go to the previous conversation
N to go to the next message
P to go to the previous message
to expand/collapse message
to open conversation in new window
: to collapse message
; to expand message
Q to show/hide quoted text in message
⇧N to go to the next folder
⇧P to go to the previous folder
⇧X to expand/collapse folder

Filter Conversations

⌥⌘U to show only unread
⌥⌘S to show only starred
⌥⌘A to show only with attachments
⌥⌘Z to show only unsnoozed
⌥⌘V to show only VIPS
⌥⌘P to show only priority (Priority Inbox)
⌥⌘O to show only other (Other Inbox)


• V to move conversation
• Z
to snooze conversation
• E
to archive conversation
• ⌫
to delete conversation/message
• U
to toggle read/unread
• S
to toggle starred
• +
to toggle conversation priority
• M
to mute conversation
• !
to toggle junk


C to compose new message
R to reply
A to reply all
F to forward in new window
R to reply in new window
⇧⌘R to reply all in new window
⇧⌘F to forward in new window
⇧⌘N to compose new message
⇧⌘S to save draft
⌘↵ to send
⌥⌘↵ to send and archive
⌥⌘T to show/focus To field
• ⌥⌘C
to show/focus Cc field
• ⌥⌘B
to show/focus Bcc field
• ⌥⌘R
to show/hide Reply-To field

Message Formatting

⌘B to Bold
• ⌘I
to Italicize
⌘U to Underline
• ⌘T
to show fonts
• ⌘K
to insert link
• ⇧⌘C
to show colors
• ⌘ \
to remove formatting


⇧ = Shift
⌘ = Command
^ = Control
⌥ = Option
↵ = Return
⌫ = Delete

iPad Shortcuts

E to Archive
C to Compose
to Delete
V to Move
M to Mute
/ to Search
⌘/ to Select Folder
⇧⌘A to showAstro
Z to Snooze
⌘ + 0 to SwitchToAllAccounts
! to toggleJunk
+ to togglePriority
U to toggleReadUnread
S toggleStarred 

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